Do I Really Need a Pre-Workout Snack?

“Do I really need a pre-workout snack? I usually don’t eat anything before a workout or training session, especially a quick 5 miler or when it’s early in the morning. ” I get this question and response a lot. Many athletes get up before the crack of dawn to get in their training sessions and […]

Staying Motivated When Motivation is Low

Staying Motivated When Motivation is Low Staying motivated can be difficult, especially if you are motivating yourself. It’s easy to talk yourself into a day off here, cookie there, and before you know it you have gained all that weight back that you have worked all summer to keep off. With the school year starting […]

Recipe of the Month: Banana-Nut Cookies

This guest post by Hannah Giangaspro, Exercise Science and Nutrition Intern shares how she overcomes sugar cravings, plus her recipe for Banana-Nut Cookies. Confession time. I am a soon-to-be Bachelor of Exercise Science as well as an aspiring registered dietitian. So, naturally, I do my best to eat right and stay fit. That being said, […]